Welcome to the Virtual Medical Environments Laboratory

The Virtual Medical Environments Laboratory investigates and adapts leading edge computer technology for medical training through simulation. Formerly part of the Surgical Simulation Laboratory, the VME Lab is active in developing new technology to meet the training objectives of the Val G. Hemming Simulation Center.

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Virtual Reality Laboratory

The VR Lab handles the surgical procedures created by the VME Lab. These include the cricothyroidotomy and the intracranial hematoma craniotomy. Haptic feedback devices are used in conjunction with computer based imagery to create a life-like simulated procedure available to the trainee on the computer screen.

VR Lab

Wide Area Virtual Environment (WAVE)

The WAVE is an immersive virtual reality system created for team-based training. The WAVE can place the trainees in specific scenarios where they must perform their tasks while distractions and stresses are being produced in the environment. These scenarios can be changed based on what the training calls for.