MMVR 2005 Session B:

Emerging Trends in Medical Simulation:
Identifying the Needs of the Medical Community and Methods to Address Them

Alan Liu, M. Dale Alverson, Mark Scerbo, Mark Bowyer



Simulators play an increasing role in medical education. The brisk expansion of this field has widened the gap between the educator’s wants and the developer’s attempts to fulfill them. Engineers, focused on technology development, may not understand the learning process in medicine. Clinicians cannot teach effectively using simulators without a good knowledge of its capabilities. This workshop attempts to bring together the medical and technical communities. It will highlight what is needed to close the gap between them. Recent findings in human factors research will be presented, and their relevance to simulator design will be described. Modern challenges to medical education and the role of medical simulation will be discussed. The workshop will also highlight recent technological advances and trends in the field. It concludes with an open forum for discussion with members of the audience.