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Simulation has become an accepted part of medical training.  Students can practice and acquire skills in a structured, uniform, and risk-free learning environment.  Formal studies have demonstrated that simulation training aids the development of clinical skills.  Recent technical advances have significantly improved the realism and capabilities of modern simulators. The upsurge of interest has led to the commercial development of simulators that support a wide range of different procedures.    

Current trainers focus on single-person instruction, but complex medical treatment almost invariably requires team effort.  Medical simulation has yet to adequately address the unique challenges of team training and mass-casualty management.  In this workshop, we examine the issues involved in training healthcare providers where complex, dynamic interactions between team members and groups of patients are the norm.  The need for team-oriented simulation is motivated from a clinical perspective.  A survey of current state-of-the-art is presented.  The workshop will showcase three initiatives to develop the next-generation of immersive virtual environments for medical training.  Open research questions and future directions are discussed.  The workshop will conclude with an open forum for discussion.






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