Over the past decade, simulation has evolved from a technical curiosity into a legitimate tool for medical education. In addition to playing a role in some medical accreditation programs, simulation is also increasingly part of the medical education curriculum. This workshop looks at the next step in the evolutionary process.

Of note are initiatives that standardize the teaching of core competencies within the medical community. Both the American College of Surgeons and the Association of Program Directors in Surgery have initiatives that seek to develop a national curriculum for the teaching of surgical skills. Integral to their initiative is the use of simulation for both assessment and instruction. The military healthcare system is also moving toward developing a framework for structuring the use of medical simulation for training its personnel.

In this workshop, we examine these and other recent developments. An overview of select initiatives will be provided. Their current status and future directions will be discussed. The impact to medical simulation development will also be highlighted. This workshop will conclude with an open forum to discuss the material.





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