The advent of simulation for medical education has spurred considerable research on fundamental issues in hardware, algorithms, content development, and validation. To the developer interested in building medical training systems, it is unclear how these academic endeavors translate into a working trainer. A gap exists between theoretical development and educationally useful systems. In this workshop, we bridge the separation between theory and practice. Lessons learned in simulator design will be discussed using examples taken from successful development initiatives. Advanced software techniques for virtual environment interaction, and haptic and visual rendering will be discussed. The visual and performance impact of well designed 3D models will be demonstrated. The model development workflow will be highlighted using examples from completed systems and simulators presently under development.

This workshop is appropriate for individuals planning to build medical simulators for training applications. It is also appropriate for individuals seeking insight to better evaluate the suitability presently available systems for their specific requirements. The workshop will conclude with a forum to answer questions from the audience.





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